Director of Photography
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V&A - A Story from living with less



Premiered at Dazed & Confused magazine

DIRECTED BY carlos jiménez
dop: Lorena Pagès
camera assistant: carmen pellón
art director: paulina rzeswoszka
assistant ad: sophie sekiney
edit: chloe thorne
music: chris zabriskie

special thanks to procam 


“The brief was about imagining the future, so I tried to give space to people that are doing interesting, considered things now that will echo in the years to come,” says Carlos Jiménez of his film. “The main idea was to show women who are creating and shaping fashion in different ways. I would like to think the future is female, so I collaborated with a crew predominantly made up of women.”

The first part of the film portraits designer Bianca Saunders at her studio, and features pieces from her SS18 collection, as worn by a series of models she works with on a regular basis. “To me, Bianca is one of the brightest talents of her generation, so it was a gift to work with her in a way she hasn’t before,” explains Jiménez. Of all the shorts, A Story From Living With Less is the most hopeful. Art critic Sarah Kent and artist Jamila Johnson-Small also feature as the film progresses, as poet, playwright, and performer Cecilia Knapp’s poignant words are spoken throughout. The result is a moment that feels simultaneously futuristic and frozen in time that quietly reasons the need for change.

“The fashion industry is not facing different challenges than those of any other industry: resources, use of chemicals, sustainability… Manufacturers of any kind need to take things more seriously, not just those in the fashion,” explains Jiménez. “There are some people doing great stuff, and the exhibition portraits some of them. I hope this is the beginning of a truly new revolution of how we live: perhaps slowly and silent more quietly, but with solid foundations and a little more consideration.”